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Casa Juan Jaramillo

Tenant Policies

Because we want your stay with us to be memorable and enjoyable for all, please take time to read and familiarize yourself with our tenant policies.
By making your reservation and entering the Luxury Rental, you agree to all of the following terms and conditions.

Parking - Parking is not available on our location. There are several paid parking lots, at reasonable rates within a 3 block radius of our property.

Children - Because of the intimacy of our facilities, children are not allowed. Teenagers over the age of 15 are welcome and must be accompanied by a parent on our rooftop terrace.

Quiet time - Is between 10pm - 8am. Please keep TV/stereo volumes, noise levels low, and activities to a minimum, as to not disturb others during this period.

Smoking - Smoking is not permitted anywhere within our community.

Pets - Pets of any kind are not permitted within our community.

Flushing and Toilet Paper - Place all toilet paper and solid materials in the wastebasket provided in your bathroom. Please DO NOT flush paper down the toilet. This could cause plumbing problems for everyone within the community.

Personal Items - Please keep all personal items within your residence and out of the common areas. Towels and clothes should be kept out of sight of other tenants and not be hung from balconies, windows or stairways. Should tenant(s) have a bicycle(s) they should contact Management to make arrangements for designated storage. Bicycles should not be brought inside rental condo.

Garbage collection - Is Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Wednesday being recycling day. Please place your garbage out in front on the sidewalk next to the building after 6:00 pm. Please do not take garbage out earlier than 6:00pm or place garbage within the common areas.

Occupancy - The maximum occupancy for each condo is 2 people per bedroom. Management reserves the right to enter the Luxury Rental, if need arises, without guest permission.  Management will make all reasonable effort to contact the guest as to the purpose and duration of entry.

Who to contact - Tenants should contact the manager for their condo with any issues pertaining to your individual property. Contact information will be found with your check-in paperwork inside your residence.

In Emergency Situations - (example broken water pipe), and all matters concerning the common areas or any unusual activity within our community please contact the Property Administrator, (Contact information found on our website,

Keys - FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL TENANTS - Please DO NOT give condo keys to a third party. Any keys issued to you at check-in should not identify the property address. Please DO NOT let anyone into the community unless you know them. There will be a $50 replacement charge for any lost FOB keys.




All properties are privately owned and furnished by the homeowners.  The Casa Juan Jaramillo management personnel will hereafter be referred to as Management, the guest renters will be referred to as Tenant(s), the condominium rental homeowner will be referred to as Homeowner, and the property will be referred to as Luxury Rental.


Homeowner has the right to refuse to rent their Luxury Rental to any Tenant(s) at any time.

Basic Amenities

Each Luxury Rental is equipped with the basic amenities. These amenities among supplies and services included vary, depending on each owner’s stipulations. Please check specific amenities listed on each Luxury Rental description.


Each Luxury Rental is individually decorated by the Homeowner.  All items and furnishings belong to that particular Luxury Rental and should not be moved or removed without written consent from the Homeowner’s representative.

Reservations, Deposits & Cancellation Policies may vary. 

Please see addendum at the end of this agreement with individual Luxury Rental Deposit, Payment Schedules and Cancellation Policy.                    (Unless stated otherwise in the addendum, the policies below will apply.)

Deposits -  A Security Deposit equal to one month rent is required for all reservations and shall be paid in cash, Bank transfer or via PayPal at the time the reservation is made. The Security Deposit shall be held until after the property is turned over in same good condition as received. Whereby it will be refunded within 3 days after checkout.

Early Termination - Should the tenant terminate the lease prior to the agreed term, the tenant is responsible for rent owed for the remainder of the lease and the deposit shall be applied to any funds owed.

Refund - 90 day policy. A 100% refund of the deposit, less credit card or bank processing fees and a $50 administration fee, as long as it is canceled at least 90 days before the arrival date.

In the case of canceling less than 90 days before the arrival date, no refund will be offered.

Reservations may be made up to one year in advance, based on each Luxury Rental’s availability.

Current Contact Information

Tenant is responsible to insure Management and Property Administrator have current contact information, (telephone and email address) before and throughout your stay in case of an emergency situation or any reason necessary to contact you.

Check-In: After 2pm

Check-Out: Before 11am

Check-Out Preparation/ Guest Responsibilities

Please leave the Luxury Rental in the same general condition as it was when you arrived.  Staff will arrive after your departure to thoroughly clean and inspect the Luxury Rental.  Any food and drink spills should be cleaned up as they occur.

In preparation for check-out, Tenant should follow individual Suite’s check-out procedures posted inside the Rental. Any known damage or issues should be reported to Management ahead of check-out.

Failure to comply with these Tenant responsibilities or leaving Luxury Rental excessively dirty may result in an additional cleaning or maintenance fee.

Common Areas Rooftop Terrace

Tenant should understand the rooftop terrace is for registered Tenant(s) staying in the Luxury Rental on Casa Juan Jaramillo property. Tenant(s) should read and be familiar with safety & lighting procedures before attempting to light the propane gas fire-pit.


The Homeowner makes every effort to keep all equipment in good working order.  However if, upon arrival, Tenant(s) find(s) that something in their Luxury Rental is not working properly, they should notify property manager for their unit (contact information found in the Luxury Rental), as soon as possible so that an effort can be made to rectify the situation quickly. If a maintenance problem occurs when the office is closed, Tenant should follow instructions outlined in their arrival paperwork. The Homeowner will determine whether or not the problem is an emergency that requires immediate attention or a concern that can be addressed at a later time.

Exterior grounds, common area rooftop terrace, and building maintenance is the responsibility of the Casa Juan Jaramillo Home Owners Associations and Management has no control over schedule or location of work. Work including painting, pressure washing, window cleaning, mowing, trimming, building repairs, etc. is not normally scheduled to occur on the weekend or past 5 pm.

Lost and Found

Although we cannot be held responsible for items left behind, we do make every effort to locate and return them to you. Contact Management and any items found would be sent UPS COD plus a $15 handling fee will be included. Any food items left in the fridge will be thrown away.

Fireplaces & BBQ-Grills Safety

Many Luxury Rentals have propane gas BBQ-grills and electric fireplaces, which operate either by remote control or a switch located on the wall near the fireplace.  Please be aware that all lit BBQ-grills and fireplaces do put out heat and can be hot to the touch.


Each Luxury Rental is equipped with a washer and dryer for Tenant(s) use only. Tenant(s) should not leave the washer or dryer unattended while in use. Tenant(s) should check and clear lint screen on dryer before each use to avoid over-heating.

Internet Access

All Luxury Rentals have internet service. Please refer to arrival paperwork for current WIFI password for your Luxury Rental.


All Luxury Rental have television(s) with varying amenities. For example some have DVD players, others allow for access to Tenant’s movie streaming memberships, Netflix, etc. Please check the individual listing information for each Luxury Rental. Tenant(s) should keep the TV volume at a level that will not disturb others.


No refunds will be given due to inclement weather, illness, injury, malfunctions of non essential equipment (i.e. washing machine/dryer, fireplace, DVD player, TV, internet, or stereos), or outside disruptions beyond Management(s) control.  If there is an equipment malfunction, Management will attempt to repair it as soon as possible. Under no circumstances will there be a refund issued for a missed reservation or early departures.

Fire-pit use

Fire-pit lighting and safety instructions are posted next to each fire-pit located on the rooftop terrace. Tenants should read carefully and be comfortable with instructions before attempting to light the propane gas fire-pit. Fire-pits should NEVER be left burning while unattended. If last to leave, please check before exiting to insure both fire pits are turned off.

Decks & Common Areas, Including Rooftop Terrace

Tenant(s) should be aware other guests may be on their decks/patios below or above them and act accordingly.


Tenant(s) agree to receive communications via email related to their reservation and emails from Management afterwards regarding events, specials, or promotions in a newsletter format. Tenant(s) email addresses are never sold or shared by Management and Tenant(s) have ability to Opt-Out of any future correspondence newsletters. Frequency of emails is approximately monthly.

General Policies

All of the Luxury Rental(s) in Casa Juan Jaramillo are privately owned, including furnishings, and the Homeowner and Management disclaim all liability for accidents, injury, loss, illness, or damage that occur while Tenant(s) is/are on the premises or at property facilities.  Management is an agent for the Homeowner, not an owner nor a tenant.  As agent, Management has the authority to act in the best interest of the Homeowner in any and all situations. Management and the Homeowner disclaim all responsibility for the loss of Tenant(s) personal belongings or valuables. By making this reservation and entering the Luxury Rental, it is agreed that Tenant(s) are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from the use of the premises or any harm to others whom they invite to the premises.

Each Luxury Rental belongs to a loving Homeowner and they ask for your care and kindness of their home. We hope your stay with Casa Juan Jaramillo will be comfortable and enjoyable.

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